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Without Fresh Eyes

by Global Fellows

There is really no excuse for not having continued to blog after returning to Papua New Guinea from New Zealand thus I will not attempt to make any. I will however try to dissect this issue, for my own benefits really and to give meaning to this overwhelming lack of enthusiasm to take to the streets with sketch pad and medium to find beauty amidst the all the chaos.

Simmering beneath my skin is a lack of enthusiasm towards capturing all the struggle that exists on the street. So much so that it bothers me to the point of wanting to help rather than documenting or commenting on it all through my art.

My time with The Roots in Auckland has impacted my perspective of the role of myself as an artist in a country like Papua New Guinea thus I find myself at the crossroads. New found ideologies push me toward using creativity for the greater good of my people. My love for oils and my canvas' keep my dream of one day attending the Florence Art Academy in Italy alive. I have an artist residency to prepare for and somewhere in between squeeze in 7 weeks of learning to work with biotecture. But if when reading this blog entry you have doubted the life of this blog after today be rest assured that for as long as the the pulse of the street is beating, this hands will keep on dancing, waltzing with the mediums to find beauty amidst the chaos, truth beyond the life of the simple man who is really the heart that beats that street.

Here's to beauty and beyond!


- Leonard Tebegetu. Read more of the artist's blog.