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Paintings by Leonard Tebegetu

Early Works

Street inspired Caricatures and Portraits

Figurative Studies

The 2015 South Pacific Games, Ceremonies

Construction of Set and Props

Lakatoi are traditional trading vessels from the Hiri Trade. Here, they were constructed out of bamboo and calico and were out fitted with led strips thus converting them into twelve large lanterns that were carried by four men through the procession.

This is one of four stage corners constructed out of bamboo, cane and calico with recycled tyre tubing for fastening. The finished pieces were place on the four corners of the main stage. The subject matter for this works were inspired by traditional masks from around Papua New Guinea

There were four large towers around the perimeter of the stage. Each tower represented each of the four regions of Papua New Guinea. Four artists were each given a tower each to design. I had the opportunity to design the Niugini Islands tower that is to the front of this photograph. Transferring the designs and getting them painted thought me allot about working with large scale work. Keen on more bigger projects now!