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Kavieng, Papua New Guinea

Kavieng is the place of my birth on the island of New Ireland.  Returning there soon after I decided to paint full time, I immersed myself in the rich culture of my people. This gave me the grounding I needed to find my own two feet as a self-taught artist. It instilled in me many things that have shaped my work to date. It was there that I realized that, as an artist (from a society that is rich with its own form of traditional art), I could bring a part of my culture and people into the modern domain through a medium that could be universally appreciated and delivered - painting. Thus was born the idea of integrating traditional process with a modern form of artistic expression that has formed the basis of my work so far. The finished paintings, modern in the sense of their creation (materials & mediums used), have an undertone of ritual and traditional process that live on through the artwork itself long after the work is complete. For me, the paintings are an extension of my being.